New Love Compass

the way you want to behave

and how you love is free

be an individual

create your open society

be honest with yourself

look inside

become aware

at the depths of your heart

your self-love is burning there

the way you love someone else

shows the way you love yourself

new love compass

pointer spinning round

which way does it swing

there`s more than north and south

there`s also east and west

what`s your truth`s request

more about the person

less about the gender

leave social conventions

look behind the splendor

it`s time to get your compass checked

it will give you the right skill

your inner love project will

lead you to self-fulfill

new love compass

its`s my true love compass

new love true love

new love compass guide my truth

the way you love someone else

shows the way to love yourself

Rockman/van Acken

deep down- deep down- deep down  in the depths of your inner mind
it controls your every move

you do so at your peril  if you don’t come to terms
you do so at your … peril …if you don’t come to terms with it
in a weak moment who knows what  you may be tempted-to commit    

you may not be aware and know it’s even there
it’s undetectable and hidden out of view

everyone has a dark side that likes to come out at night
appearing without any warning no more hidden from the light
look out it’s your dark side a dark silhouette comes into sight     
it will give you a shudder and give you a big fright

which side you live it’s up to you you

have to choose whats false or true
it’s your decision
it’s your life to start anew leave it hidden in the dark
you`re judged on things you go and do

J. Rockman

Fantasy Persona

fantasy persona

past reality

pure imagination

whoever they want you to be

standing face to face

you look into their eyes

chameleon - your are

a master of disguise

when you meet a stranger

build a fantasy

a social interaction

to be or not to be

change your persona  

insecure within

turn the whole world

into total make - believe and spin

morphing fact to fiction 

nothing`s what it seems

you`re so artificial

cought up in your world of dreams

try to please the whole world

big conspiracy

it’s transformed in a moment

would you belive in a fallacy

J. Rockman/van Acken

Dark Side